IELTS Test – August, 14th 2010 BC
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Task 1
Type Of Diagram: Chart
The chart below illustrates the global sales of different digital games from 2000 to 2006. Describe it and make relevant comparisons where necessary.
You should write at least 150 words
Task 2
Development of cities around the world sometimes causes negative effects on young children. What are those problems and can you think of solutions to deal with it?
You should write at least 250 words.
Part 1
• Do you like parties?
• Any parties that you enjoyed and remember?
• What do you normally do at a party?
• Have you ever organized a party by yourself?
Part 2
Describe a (popular) public event that you went to (such as a carnival, sports event or religious event).
You should say:
what the event was
when you went there
who you went there with
and explain why you enjoyed this event. *
Part 3
• What are some of the main public events that exist in your country?
• Which public events are most popular among the people?
• Do people prefer to actually attend these events or to watch them on TV?
• What makes public events attractive to people?
• Do you think it's easy for the government to organize public events?

Section 1 - Topic : Completing an insurance form
- Form completion
- Multiple choice
Section 2 – Topic: Library map
- Multiple choice

Section 3 – Topic: Yoga class
- Form completion
- Multiple choice
Section 4 – Topic: Lecture about diet food
- Form Completion
- Sentence Completion

Passage 1 : How to remember something for a long time?
- Multiple choice
- Yes/No/Not Given
- Matching headings
Passage 2 : Any species that human has not found?
- Matching headings
- Multiple choice
- Summary
Passage 3 : Differences between a left-handed and right handed-person
- Yes/No/Not Given
- Summary
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