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Married, not yet entered theเว็บ 168dormitory, pushed 'stuck in the elevator' for more than 2 hours !!!
Even if it's an 'auspicious day' like a wedding day

Well, 'don't trust' because no matter what day Anything can happen.


Recently, Panaf and Victoria Ja, the newlywed new red label.


who married at the Grand Bohemian Hotel

City of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, found it.

When 'stuck in the elevator' of the hotel for 2 and a half hours!!!

“When we enter the elevator and an elevator up about 5 feet.”

“The elevator door is slightly ajar.”

“I thought it was strange,” Panaf told TV reporters.

after getting help from firefighters

that must drop the rope with a chair-like device

to pull the bride and groom and other guests attending the wedding up from the elevator

It's a good thing the newlyweds got stuck in the elevator after 'Get married'

And at that time, everyone was in the middle of the wedding party.

“It's crazy, but it's fun, it's a memorable experience.”

“It can be written as a book right away.”

The red bride told me in a good mood.

When the 'newlywed couple' gets stuck in an elevator, the mood is like this.

But if it's a 'husband and wife', the mood will be like that.